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Rosemary Extract 5.0% Rosmarinic acid HPLC

Rosemary Extract 

1.Basic Information

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) is a well-known culinary herb. Applied to the skin, rosemary essential oil helps strengthen the capillaries and has a rejuvenating effect. Recent research is now revealing even more benefits attached to this remarkable herb, including its ability to help prevent cancer and age-related skin damage, boost the functioning of the liver and act as a mild diuretic to help reduce swelling.


2. Specification


Rosemary Extract 5.0% 

Rosmarinic acid HPLC


3. Rosemary Extract  benefits


Rosmarinic acid It exhibits various pharmacological activities including prevention of oxidation of low density lipoprotein,inhibition of murine cell proliferative activity and of cyclooxygenase, and anti-allergic action.

Ursolic aicd It has wide biological effect and antioxidant effect, which act positively in anti-aging and removing splash. It can prevent and improve wrinkle and old-age splash through restore the skin’s collagen bundle construction and elastic. As a kind of cosmetics, it ‘s steady, its color and odor won’t change with the time. In addition, it has a good sense of touch.  

Carnosic acid It has outstanding fat-solubility, which can be used as antioxidant in meat, dairy products, oily-rich products, sweets. 










Rosemary Extract 5.0% Rosmarinic acid HPLC